VCF Los Angeles : Another member of the family

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VCF Los Angeles is the newest member of the VCF family. Not only did we create a website for Toronto, but we thought it would be good to create an LA one too.

Some will say that we have no reason to do this and they might be right, but why create one new website when you can have two. We might even have more that we haven’t released yet.

The idea of expanding to LA and Toronto came about as part of “project Picnic”. Something we’ve been talking about on out Vancity Filming Podcast for some time now. These new websites are only a small part of “project Picnic” though, and more will be revealed soon we hope. There are a few things we need to iron out first before we make another announcement.

Why LA?
I think that the answer to that question is fairly obvious. LA is home to Hollywood, where major stars are born and multi-million dollar movies are made. The question should have been when LA, rather than why.

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