How to be Apart of a Studio Audience

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Many sitcoms, singing competitions, and late-night talk shows are filmed in front of studio audiences. These shows thrive on the energy of laughing, cheering fans, especially shows like The Voice, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars.

Great comedies like the Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and Mike and Molly also record their shows in front of an audience of which YOU could be apart.

This post is designed to help you be in the studio audience for your favorite shows!

For many years I had heard of people who were in the audience of a television show, but I never knew how to get tickets. I thought getting tickets would be difficult, nearly impossible and expensive!

As it turns out, it is actually easy to get tickets to a show taping, and best of all, the tickets are FREE!

Types of Studio Audience Shows

Competition Shows

Competition shows thrive on joyful, excited audiences. Have you ever seen a show like The Voice with an empty audience? No. So from where do all those people come? Some of them are friends of performers and judges, but most of the people in the audience are ticket holders!

Talk Shows and Late-Night

Talk shows tape almost every week day and always film in front of a live studio audience.

Sit Coms

Think Mike and Molly has a laugh track? Think again! A lot of multi-camera shows film in front of  studio audiences to get quality laughter backing their episode.

Where to Get Tickets

There are a variety of places to apply for tickets. The following websites are the best and easiest ways to look for tickets to your favorite shows.

Audiences Unlimited is home to tickets for The Big Bang Theory, Dads, Mike and Molly, Sean Saves the World, 2 Broke Girls, & more!

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1Iota is home to tickets for The Voice, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson, Talking Dead, Sports Nation & more!

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On Camera Audiences is home to tickets for Dancing with the Stars, The X-Factor, The Price is Right, & more!

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Being apart of a studio audience can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to see your favorite movie star, actor, actress or performer, but you get to be on television!


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